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The Four Inns
Derbyshire Scouts

At last, some good news...

It's looking like you can dust off your boots and get into training for next year's Four Inns on 2nd April 2022!

Many of our "older competitors" will no doubt remember how the route has had minor changes over the years; mainly to reduce road sections & accommodate the closure of finish venues. 2022, though, will see the biggest change to the route - initially prompted by, (as far as we know) the permanent loss of the Snake Pass Inn as a Checkpoint. Through this necessity it made sense to review the whole event; making changes that should not only last well into the future, but more importantly ensure that the event can continue!

What are the major changes?

Well, the Names & Entry Eligibility for a start:

  • The 65K route will become the Four Inns Extreme
  • The 35K route will become the Four Inns Challenge
  • The Challenge route will now be open to ALL members of the Scout Association or Girl Guiding UK who are aged 14 and above. Starting at Crowden & finishing at Chapel-en-le-Frith.
  • For the younger members this will build on their Derbyshire Scouts "Kinder Walk" experience by bringing Bleaklow into the equation
The Route:

The following changes enable us to comply with the multiple landowners' requirements:

  • We will no longer have a Checkpoint at Hey Moss
  • The route from Torside over Bleaklow will now follow the Pennine Way to the Snake Summit.
  • From there the route will take you over to Hayfield and then on to Chapel-en-le-Frith
  • The Goyt route marker will move to the nearby Car Park and become a proper Checkpoint. From there we will follow the original route to the finish
  • From a safety point of view, we will no longer have the run down the Snake Pass Road which has long been an area of concern to us, and we know to some of you as well
  • We successfully piloted trackers at the last event and will now require them to be carried by all teams
  • This will help us when reviewing the route changes, but more importantly enable us to see where teams are should they venture off route
  • The major change here will be at the Snake Summit where there will be a limited range due to space issues
  • Hayfield will now see the "Doctors Gate menu."
Route Map

These changes will mean that we keep to Public Footpaths and other Rights of Way, allowing us much more freedom in the organising of the event.
As well as the safety benefits the changes will also enable better compliance with the several agencies we have to negotiate with. We do recognise that this will reduce "some" of the navigation elements, but past experience tells us there will still be a challenge for many.

I must stress that without these changes the event would be in doubt

Finally, I would just like to acknowledge the work the volunteer organising committee have put in over the last 18 months to ensure the continuation of the Four Inns.

The next event is on 2nd April 2022

Four Inns CommitteeChairman